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Countless Demon Blades are strewn about the world.

Once one of these blades is drawn from its sheath,

they immediately begin thirsting for blood.

Exposed to the blood of those overcome with malice and spite, even the most blessed of legendary blades will eventually be turned to evil and become what are known as Demon Blades. Those who foolishly choose to wield these blades are soon overcome with thoughts of killing and wanton slaughter, and are eventually driven insane before their lives come to an often violent end.

It is the Genroku period of Japanese history, during the reign of the shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, that a demonic presence threatens to destroy the peace and prosperity of the country. As the hate, greed, doubt, and malice of those contending for the possession of one of the cursed Muramasa blades builds, goblins, monsters, and other creatures of evil begin to appear throughout the nation. Such is the chaos that even the king of the dragons and the gods themselves are forced to intercede. What fate awaits those doomed to wield the mightiest of the Demon Blades?